Aliexpress Blythes

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Ali Blythe Dolls

By FAR the most popular and common Blythe Dolls today. If you have bought a Blythe from ebay, etsy, or other retail shops on line, you, 99.999999% have an Ali Blythe. MOST CUSTOM BLYTHES (99.9999%) ARE MADE USING AN ALI BLYTHE.

What is an Ali Blythe? They are the Blythe Dolls from Aliexpress, or, that is, China made and sold Blythe Doll.

If it were not for these Ali Blythes, the Blythe Hobby would have all but died (again). People with the Ali Blythes, Customs or not, have kept and in fact FLAMED the Blythe Hobby as we see it today.

These Blythes have the BEST hair, Full Articulation, and some of the cutest faces, of all Blythe Dolls made. Why would you NOT want an Ali Blythe. 10 to 1, you already have at least one, you may not have known it, but you have at least one of these Blythes.

Known By Some As.... Fakies and Recasts

Why do some people call them Fakies and Recasts? Because they could be. HOWEVER! There are legal expects to this too.

Some people, let's be honest, do this just to make themselves feel better about themselves and their dolls. Again, it goes back to the "Kennel Ration" Dog Food Commerical from the 1960s. "My Dog Is Better Than Your Dog!, My Dog is Better Than Yours......"

It is a CRYING Shame how much Snobbery can be found in the Doll World. They are DOLLS! Throw each of the dolls in a hot Frying Pan and watch them all melt at about the same rate. With all the division in Today's World, let's all try to find our Common Denomiator, rather than PICK at how different we are!

Did you know that it is probably, 99.9% LEGAL for China Shops to make and sell the Articulated Blythe Dolls. How? I will go into this when I have more time.

Much more coming on this subject.

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:07:27 -0500

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