Basaak Blythe Dolls

Basaak Blythe Dolls

A Blythe Doll with a Neo Sized Head, a bit smaller, thinner, Body than a Registered or Ali Blythe, and a Foot that wears Barbie Heels. This Blythe is Different in the nicest way, and fun to make clothing for. These Blythes come in many different Hair Colors, from Natural to Fantasy.

They bend at the Elbow, as well as the arms swing out, their legs go back and forth at the hip and they have bend and click knees. Their heads, of course, look back and forth, AND they have a joint at the waist that moves the body side to side.

You might notice the beautiful lips that the Basaak Blythe Dolls have. To me, they are shaped much like a Kenner Blythe, but painted brighter. To me, the lips are so pretty and just the right plumpness for the face.

I have always heard this name Pronounced = "Baa-Sack" or "Baa-Sock". But you may have heard it said a bit different.

You can still buy these dolls Online, from China, for around $10 shipped (2023).

I have many of these Blythes, I have customized them, sewn for them, and I LOVE them. I will add more photos soon.... working on a website takes a lot of time.

Basaak Blythe Doll Clothing Patterns

Basaak Blythe Dolls

If you buy these dolls, as is, just the dolls, no box, or anything else, the poor little thing will need clothing right away.

I buy my Basaak Blythes just this way. I have had them arrive in shipping boxes, thinner boxes and even in BAGS!~ But, no harm to the dolls was done. When you pay right at $10 for a Doll with Shipping Included, prepare for the worse.

Coming Soon. I want to add ideas and information, and hopefully actual Patterns I have made for my own Basaak Blythe Dolls. Please do see my Easy Beginner Sewing Tips and Idea Page for ideas on how to make a few things for these dolls that will fit them better than regular Blythe Clothing.

Basaak Blythe Doll Shoes

AW HA! Finally a Blythe Doll that you will be able to have multiple shoes and boots for and in an array of colors. These Blythe Dolls wear Barbie High Heel Shoes and Boots. You can find shoes for this doll at about ANY Store that sells Barbie and her items. Even the Dollar Tree has Mattel Barbie Shoes.

Customizing the Basaak Blythe Dolls

Basaak Blythe Dolls Katt Von Blythe Basaak Custom

These are really cute Blythes, however, they are so much cuter after a Face Up.

Basaak have some tricks to them when it comes to customizing them. Once you know the tricks, you will have a lot of fun changing the look of these adorable Blythe Dolls.

Be Warned, Beware: Basaak Blythe Dolls ARE made of a cheaper plastic. When taking their heads apart, go easy, use only the force necessary and no more.

I plan to do a Video and place it here. Time just gets away from us. Deron and I are very active people and work in our yard two days a week in the mowing months.

These photo show "Before" and "After" what a Custom might look like.

How To Get The Eye Chips Out of the Sockets

The Basaak eye chips are melded into the eye sockets and try as you might, you will find, outside of drilling them out, they will not come. Well? You could use other tools, but 99% of the time, you will break the eye chips and they can become very sharp, so beware, be warned.

Deron bought a Drill Bit, just for these eye chips, for his electric Drill Press.

Much more to come on this. It has been a while since I have done a Face Up on a Basaak, and I want to get photos and a video made to show the steps to take.

No fears. If all else fails you can still do Face Ups, just use the eye chips already in the Blythe's eye sockets.

How To Remove and Replace the Eye Lashes

CIndy Lou Who Custom Basaak Blythe Doll

It used to be EASY! You just used a tweezers to pull the eye lashes out, cut a false eye lash for humans in half, add a bit of craft glue (to help it slide into place and hold it there) slide it between the plastic where the old lashes came out....and done.

Now? Oh My. Along with the eye chips being melded into the sockets, they are not doing the same with the eye lashes.

I am not going to lie to you. THIS is a fight, both taking them out and replacing them. Be careful. You will need sharp items and you really need to hold your temper and take your time.


If you are thinking about getting a Blythe Doll, but just do not want to spend the money for a more expensive Blythe, Basaak are a great place to start. Yes, they are made cheaper, but once you have that Blythe in your hands, click the eyes to change them, so how cute and whimsical the Blythe Dolls are, you will be so Happy you bought one to check them out. And. If not. If, for some reason, Blythe Dolls are not for you, then you have not invested too much money into a doll you will not love.

Also. If you have a child that would like to have a Blythe Doll, the Basaak might be a good 'starter Blythe' for them. You could buy them two to play with as low as the prices are.

The contents of this page for Baasack Blythe Dolls is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Sun, 08 Oct 2023 12:14:21 -0500

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