Ashton Drake Blythe

Ashton Drake Blythe Box BackI love Ashton Drake Dolls, Blythes and others.

I have a few Ashton Drake Blythe Dolls. One, MINT Condition. Another that will I be customized. I bought the second one in parts, with the face already sanded. And some others I have also found for sale on eay.

This is a video of me opening my first Ashton Drake Blythe Doll. I LOVE HER! She and her boxes have a Special Place in my Doll Nook on a shelf.

The contents of this page for Ashton Drake Blythe is still under construction. Please check back later and often. Wink

ashton drake in parts ashton drake parts 2 While I already had this doll, MINT, I found this great buy and.... This is the Blythe I bought, won in bidding, on ebay. She comes with much more, I am just showing that all the parts, seem to be with her. I am looking forward to showing the box opening as well as her customizing.

Ashton Drak Gallery Blythe Doll 2023-01-06

I bought this girl, as you see in this photo, from a Seller on ebay. I was not going to raise my bid, but I was so glad I did, I got this girl for a Song. Wink

I will be adding information and photos of my own Ashton Blake Blythe Dolls here, as soon as I can.

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:11:04 -0500

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