Daisy Blythe


Daisy Blythe 1990s CCC with Bike My little Daisy Blythe, dusty pink hair, is one of my Favorite Blythe Dolls! (and I have Many!) She has not had a face up for a few reasons. Most of all, Daisy Blythe goes and does and is, a face up would have been scraped, scratched, worn and since she is washed often, a face up would now be quite a MESS! (photo from a Collab/Contest Daisy Modeled for, A 1990s dress contest, 10/2022)

If I were good about taking photos, Daisy could have her OWN Website. I really need to take more photos.

I bought Daisy to ride my Bicycle with me. That is right, you read that right, I bought Daisy to go Bicycle Riding with me. She was named Daisy from the song, Bicycle Built for Two. Why? Just for the fun of it. MANY Cyclist has 'mascots' with them when riding the long trails (Deron and I have ridden the entire Katy Trail, MO, both directions and several times. We have also ridden the entire Michelson Trail, SD, in both directions).

Daisy has WELL OVER 700 Miles Riding Bicycles. She has ridden in Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Indiana, (I left this sentence open to add more)

I asked Deron if he could 3D Print her a chair to ride on, as she sat on my handle bars. What he came up with the 3D Printed part to turn the same seat into a Car Seat that is so secure and perfect I am thrilled with it! My Bicycle Seat locks into the same holder that I use for the Basket for my 6 pound Yorkie who loves to go with us, but can not when it is too hot or too cold or too windy.

I love taking Daisy with me, she brings a LOT of smiles to the other riders we run into. She is always giving the Peace Sign and Smiling.

Deron - Katy - Daisy How We Roll

Daisy also travels with us. Daisy has not only been to BlytheCon, but also the Beach, Renaissance Faires (in costumes, different costume for each Fair), MANY Restaurants (from McDs to High End), Shopping, Visiting with other Doll Youtube Channels,

States Daisy has been too: Missouri, South Dakota, Kansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvanian, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Michigan,

Other YouTubers Daisy has met: InkPad's PlayPad, Eli Paige, Let's Talk About It With Jaime, Wednesday & Gilly, Doll Joy Lissa, Tilly Brown, Ela Avar, Livin It GG-ma Style, Irene Hough, Shelley's Dolly's, Make Up By Meg, Dorie's Dollies,

I have taken Daisy shopping MANY times. If the store has a Cart, she rides in the front seat, standing if I have her Stand with us at the time. She has been to many Fabric Stores, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General (usually by bicycle), Menards, Target...

I also have horses, Daisy has been Horseback Riding on a real live horse, as well as her Battat Horse that is, in my opinion, the correct size for a Blythe Doll...even if the stirups are not quite right at all.

Daisy Blythe in the St. Louis Arch Pod.jpgJuly 2022 Daisy enjoyed meeting other Youtubers at the Meet and Greet we had during the time of the St. Louis Doll Convention. This is Daisy in a Pod at the Arch. The Pods are what you ride up in to get to the TOP! Wink

August of 2022 Daisy not only went to the BlytheCon in Cincinnati Ohio, but also to the Meet and Greet the day before. Not only that, but Deron took her down on Kenner Street and did a video of Blythe History (you can see that on the Kenner page on this site).

My little Daisy is an Active Blythe Doll.

The contents of this page for Daisy Blythe is still under construction. Please check back later and often. Daisy has an active lifestyle and I will try to keep this updated.

Much more and photos to come!

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:03:29 -0500

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