Boy Blythe Dolls

The contents of this page for Boy Blythe Dolls is still under construction. Please check back later and often, I plan to add to these pages as we create and make new items for each of our many Blythe Dolls. Photos and more will be added soon.

Boy Blythe Dolls vs Girl Blythe Dolls

Boy vs Girl Blythe Doll BodiesYes, boys with boy bodies. They are about the same size as the girl bodies, only without the hourglass shape, straighter body style and no breasts. Their thighs and calves are a bit thicker and I was surprised that their feet are a bit different than the Girls too.

I have also found, at least with my five (right now 5) Boy Blythe Doll's bodies I have, that the whole Boy Blythe Doll is made better, with tighter joints that is.

Boy vs Girl Blythe Doll Chests
This is a Close Up of the Dolls so that you can see the differences. The Boy Blythe Dolls that I bought, and each of them, came with OUT face painting at all.

One of my Boy Blythe Dolls came without eye chips. The funny thing was, the one that came without chips, I thought came with them (I did get a discount back from the seller), and another I bought I thought would not have eyechips and he came with different chips and I really like them. I had planned to change them, but rethought it.

Middie Blythe Boy Blythes

While a person can purchase the Boy Blythes in Neo Size, I have not found any in the Middie sizes. So? I had this idea. A sanding wheel might be involved. much more to come.
I have a few of Boy Blythes and LOVE them. I like to design little boy outfits for them too. Since I was a child I have LOVED boy dolls, these boy Blythes, fit right into my Collection is such a CUTE way.

Customizing Boy Blythes

Ricky Boy Blythe

This is a photo of Ricky, one of the Boy Blythes I have customized. I love that he came with a 'rudy skin tone' with that red hair. Since we finished putting him back together in Jan 2023, I will be making him St. Pat's clothing.

He is barefooted in the photo because he was giving me a Huckleberry Finn Vib when I rolled the little Jeans that I made for him.

He is holding a Gold Train Engine that Deron 3D Printed.

Ricky Boy Blythe's Bads

I like a less 'frilly' or less fancy bead for my Boy Blythes. These I had and thought with the green they were great for Ricky.

More photos of my boy Blythe Dolls are coming soon.

This is an outfit I made for Robert. Robert goes to Renaissance Fairs with us from time to time, in fact in 2022, he went to 4 different Renn Faires and wore two different outfits.

This is a little Kilt outfit I made for Robert.

Unboxing Other Boy Blythes

I love these Boy Blythes. I, at the time I wrote this, have 5 and might buy more.

much more to come on Boy Blythe Dolls

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Fri, 04 Nov 2022 17:02:13 -0500

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