Custom Blythe

I have done several Customs now on not only Neo, Middie and Petite Blythe Dolls, but also the ICY, I used for Chubby Blythes, and for the Boy Blythe faces. I will be adding photos and information as I can. Please check back to our new website often.

The contents of this page for Custom Blythe is still under construction. Please check back later, I will be adding many more photos and information.

Custom Blythes

I had a good chuckle when I realized that many people that have bought custom Blythe Dolls did not realize that they were buying Ali Blythes that someone took the heads off and reworked. Two of these people had actually acted as if, let's just say, the old Kennel Ration Commercial, "My Dog's Better Than Your Dog, My Dog's Better Than Yours. My Dogs Better Cause He Eats Kennel Ration, My Dog is Better Than Yours." When I pointed this fact out to them, their faces were GOLDEN! I could also see Dollar Signs rattling in their if, I paid $xxxx for this doll and they are $xx on Ali!

Custom Blythes are usually worth the cost. There is A LOT OF WORK and TIME that goes into a Custom Blythe. Most people, including myself, use High End Supplies to work on the Blythes faces and Bodies.

Just taking the Blythes apart can be nerve racking. Working on the eyes, changing chips, painting chips, painting eye lids, just for starters.

Most Face Ups are done in layers....and layers.....and layers. Most Artists do it right and let the paints and lacquers dry completely before working on another layer. This can take days.

With Blythe Dolls and a little art Talent (often much Art Talent) a person can take a Blythe Doll, any size or type, and turn them into anything from a Baby to an Old Person, A Modest Girl to one that is Glamours, a Female to a Male, a Human to a Hybrid or in fact another species. It is a LOT of fun and then making the Clothing to go with the personality you have created, steps the process up another level.

I might not be great at it, but I also LOVE doing customs on Blythe Dolls, of all sizes.

Wednesday Addams Blythe Customs

I have done several/many customs, it is fun and so satisfying. I have done Wednesday Addams Blythes in all three sizes of Blythe Dolls. This is just one, the newest, the 2022 Wednesday.

I will add more photos and information here as I can.

Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis Custom Blythe, plus a look at another Wednesday Addams Blythe I have done

I am Pretty Proud of how this doll and her outfit and parasol as well as hat and Stand came out.

The Dress and Hat took some planning and each layer of the Parasol was sewn by hand with the stitches between the metal push up points of the Umbrella.

I have a lot of fun customizing Blythe Dolls, I might not be the best at it, but I am pleased with the ones I have done.

Meet Peaches

Blythe Doll Peaches in a Yellow Sweater Dress This is Peaches. I LOVE her. I did her Custom and she is the Reason I wanted this Website.

Normally she wears more of a 1970s outfit, but for this day, she is in her Fall/Winter Yellow Sweater Dress with her Whimsical Pull Ring Earrings to match her Pull String.

She just makes me smile. She, like Daisy, is always giving the Peach Sign.

more to come


I have done several of Face Ups on Middie Blythe and need to add photos. I will tell you that they are not as easy to do as the regular or ICY face molds. Because of the Pug (dog) like face, LESS IS MORE! for sure. more coming soon.....

This little Middie Snow Pixie I did for a Winter Blythe Collab has way more glitter and shine than the video shows.

I love how she looks out in the snow, and her white hair is amazing.

She has her Pixie Dust and Ice Skates, as well as a Veil.


Custom Mini or Petite Blythe Doll   2023-01 Custom Mini, or Petite, Blythe Dolls, at least the way that Deron and I do them, take about 7 hours each. There is SO MUCH Fidlely Work involved. And we make each on several accessories, including a Custom Fit Doll Stand, many colors of shoes, and usually, at least 3 outfits.

I wish we had taken pictures of all of the Custom Minis we have done. We are going to offer these in our On Line Store, but right now, we have GIVEN these away to Youtube Dolly Friends and Subscribers.

This one, in fact went out to a Youtube Dolly Friend I have met in person several times.

I call this one Friday, it was Wednesday Addam's Middle Name, according to the TV Show in 1963, is Friday.

These Tiny Blythes have two Pull Strings in the back to open and shut their eyes.


I have done several of the ICY Face Ups for the heads to sit on a Mimi Bobeck body.

Deron makes Custom Neck Joints for the Chubbies and we will be adding photos and videos here soon.


I have a page on this site with the difference between the male and female Blythes dolls, and there were more differences than I first thought. Even the boys feet are more, boy, than those of the girl Blythe's bodies have.

I have done a few (I think 6) face ups on the Boys. I enjoy doing them and am waiting for another boy Blythe to arrive in the mail for another.

photos and videos coming very soon

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:45:08 -0500

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