Meet Other Blythe Owners

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Get To Know Other Blythe Owners and Lovers

You can have your Blythes all alone, just visit websites and watch videos, and there is nothing wrong with that. BUT! Wouldn't you like to chat with others that love the dolls and the clothes and all there is to do with Blythe Dolls? But how do you meet them!?

There are MANY ways to Reach Out to potential new Blythe Doll Loving Friends. Here are a few ideas.

Ask Other People to Join You To Do a Youtube Collaboration Videos

You do not have to go to BlytheCons or Doll Shows or Doll Events. But you can Join In on sites and chat on line. Get to know others on Youtube as well as other platforms by leaving comments, liking their videos/photos. Ask other Blythe Owners on Youtube to do Collabs with you.

I remember when I first asked Jay Dolls UK to do a Blythe Doll Collab with me. I held my breath waiting for her to respond. I was SO HAPPY and THRILLED when Jay said yes. She and I have done MANY Blythe Doll Collabs since and I count Jay as a Dolly Friend, my first.

A while after Jay and I had done a few Collabs together, we asked Beth Ramsden to Join Us in a Collab, we were thrilled when she did. the three of us did several Collabs together. Next we asked Peace Craft Dolls with Tammy Powley. Since then the four of us, Dubbed "The Dream Team", by Tammy, have done MANY Collabs and have become friends that email and text one another, usually about dolls, but other aspects of life also.

One of the BEST things, other than friendships made, about Collabs is, a Collab keeps you on Schedule. You will also find you will work a little harder, sew (knit, crochet) a little better, AND IT IS A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! Usually we do not show one another our finished projects. So the day of the release, I know I, can not wait to go and see the other Videos, smiling all the way though. It is funny how much a like, or different, our items can be.

By asking Jay Dolls UK to do a Blythe Collab with me, it build my confidence to ask other people, and I now have MANY Dolly Friends.

If you want to make a friend, be a friend. Wink

Take Your Blythe Doll with You When You Are Out and About


Stories to come, but in a Fabric Store I met another Doll Collector; At a Renassaince Fair I heard another Blythe Doll had been there the week before, still looking for that person. And while at a Train Show, I met the boyfriend of a woman that gave a talk at the BlytheCon 2022.

I have so much to say here! I will add as I can, websites take a long time to pull them all together....and this one, I hope to continue to add more and add it often.

more to come

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:34:30 -0500

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