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Chubby Blythe Gnome Dress and Shoes HeadbandsWhile we are still working on this page, we will be adding information, photos and videos.The contents of this page for Chubby Blythe is still under construction. Please check back later and often. Photos and text will be added. This is a new website and websites take time to build. More photos coming sooooooon!

The Chubby Blythe Doll Hybrid

Oh Gosh! The Chubby Blythes are ADORABLE! I will admit the first few times I saw them, I did not like them. However, once I saw some of my friends on Youtube sewing for them and the cute little Chubby Girl Outfits <chuckles> I was intrigued.

I bought my first on ebay. Not only was she Hard To Find, she was Expensive! Deron, my husband, did some digging for me to find one. He found that the Chubby Blythe was just a body switch to a Mimi Bebeck doll. I was not so sure. So we bought another ICY head and a Mimi body. Sure enough. She is the same as the one I bought as a "Chubby Blythe". Honestly, I do not care it is a body switch (something I am not keen on) because the Chubby Blythes are as WHIMSICAL as any other big headed Blythe, I love them!

Chubby Blythe Dolls do not have the same articulation as the Ali Blythes, nor could they exchange clothing with any type of other Blythes, but they are cute and fun and a fun challenge to sew, crochet or knit for.

Chubby Blythe Doll Necks

ICY Head Mimi Body Neck Joint

ICY Blythe Doll Heads do not fit on Doll Bodies, of any sort, quite right. When you buy an ICY Blythe Doll the head is loose on their bodies from the start.

Because the ICY Blythe Head is slanted down, as all Blythe Dolls are, and beause the Mimi Bobeck doll body has a slightly slanted neck, not only does the head look very downward, it will fit quite loose.

We tried regular Blythe Neck Joints on Chubby Blythe's necks. THEY DID NOT FIT CORRECTLY NOR DID THEY HOLD THE HEAD STRAIGHT AFTER TWEAKING (shaving and sanding) THE SIZE OF THE REGULAR NECK JOINTS.

Deron CUSTOM made Chubby Blythe Neck Joints that are MADE for the Neck of the Mini Bobeck Dolls.

Our Chubby Dolls, with the Custom Neck Joints, heads have no 'play' in them. They fit tight and right. And, they can look up or down or all around.

Each of the Chubby Blythe Dolls we sell, already have the tricky Neck Joint installed in their necks and have been tested for working well.

We also offer the Custom, Mini Bobeck + ICY Blythe Doll Head, Neck Joints for sale in our Store here on this site.

Why Are The Chubby Blythe Dolls So Expensive?

Chubby Blythe Wednesday Addams OutfitChubby Blythe Dolls are NOT inexpensive. When you find them for $200 the Seller is not making much, if any, profit. You can price the Mimi Bobeck Bodies then price the ICY (chubbier cheeked Blythe Doll) Dolls and see why the Chubbies cost what they do. And remember, most come nude. If you are buying one with clothing, the Seller probably took the time to make those outfits....and add anything else that might come with the Chubby Blythe Doll.

These Chubby Blythe Dolls take a lot of time and patients to put together. The neck joints alone can take over an hour.

Any sort of Face Up on a Blythe Doll can take days. The Mr. Super Clear is NOT inexpensive, nor is it particularly safe to use, and it also needs time to set up before and during and after the layers of work that go into a Face Up. The CORRECT Art Supplies are also Costly. Not to mention the time involved in the actual Work on the Face.

We do from time to time offer Chubby Blythe Dolls for sale in our On Line Store here on this site. We sell them as a Package with a Stand, Clothing, and other accessories, most that we hand craft. Some will be Customized and some will not be.

Chubby Blythe Dolls are so cute and whimsical, they ARE worth the cost... To Me Anyway!

Chubby Blythe Bodies

Ready for Thanksgiving Blythes Chubby In this photo you can see the difference in size between the Neo and Chubby Blythes.

The Chubby Blythe Dolls are just a little bit taller than a Neo Blythe Doll and a whole lot wider.

Your Neo Blythes and Chubby Blythes will not be sharing clothing. It takes about 4 times the amount of fabric to make a Chubby an outfit than it does to make a New Blythe the same type outfit.

The two types of dolls have very different feet. While you might be able to put some of the Neo Shoes on a Chubby, they will not really 'fit'.

Mimi Bobeck Dolls Chubby Blythe Dolls are really a Blythe with a Head and Body Swap. The Mimi Bobeck Bodies are what are used and they look so STINKING cute with an ICY style Blythe Head.

Look at this photo. In it, the two dolls came from two different seller on line. Once doll as you can see is in near MINT condition. The other however, and not just the box, but the doll's hair, is frazzled. It won't matter for what I am doing with her, but when you buy Vintage Dolls, and they are labeled, NIB = New In Box, you might want to ask what condition the dolls is in. STORAGE OF DOLLS MATTERS!

Mimi Bobeck Body StainingMimi Bobeck dolls are Vintage now, I believe from the 1980s. I will warn you that most have staining from the purple pants she comes in. The feet may be stained from the sticky stuff they put inside the green shoes.

You might be able to get that off using Pimple Cream. I use the cheap stuff from Walmart and it has worked wonders on dolls with stains in the past. However, sometimes, rarely, it can also leave a bleach mark on the doll where the stain was.

Mimi Bobeck Doll Body For those of you that a nude doll is plastic, just a doll, nothing more, nothing to see, nothing to worry about.

I wanted to show the body of the Mimi Bobeck Body here so you can see HOW chubby this doll really is.

This Chubby Blythe Body is QUITE Different than the Neo Bodies and this doll will not be sharing clothing or shoes with them.

We do sell Chubby Blythe Clothes, Shoes, Stands and more in our On Line Store at this Site.

Clothing for Chubby Blythe Dolls

Unless you sew for your dolls, clothing for the Chubbies could be a problem. Most Chubbies come, that is are sold, nude. Their bodies are not easy to sew for and so far, I have found no patterns that work for them without tweaking, AND THAT INCLUDES A PATTERN IF BOUGHT FOR A 'CHUBBY BLYTHE', seen here, on etsy. When I finished all the work that was required for the outfit, the arm span of the chubby body, would NOT go into the arm holes they allowed. YES! I followed the pattern and had checked and double checked the scale of the pattern.

Chubby Blythe New OutfitThis is one of my Chubby Blythe Dolls showing off her new outfit I bought her in a 14" Doll Outfit Pattern. For me? The Pattern needs more tweaking. But if your Chubby does not have clothing, this might work for you until you could find something better.

I do plan to add a couple of FREE Patterns for the Chubby Blythe to this website soon, check back on the Pages for Sewing, Crocheting and Knitting. While I do not give ALL of my Patterns away, I will have a few up there, as well as Clothing for the Chubby Blythe available in our On Line Store.

This is a Collabroabtion I did with 3 other Youtube Channels, friends of mine that also have Chubby Blythe Dolls.

We took a 14" Doll Pattern and Tweaked it to fit the 13" Odd Body Chubby Blythe Dolls.

Shoes for the Chubby Blythe Doll

Chubby Blythe, Mimi Bobeck, Shoes and Headbands with ModelFinding shoes that fit the body of the Chubby is not small task. The Mimi Bobeck dolls do come with little green shoes, but as I have said before, most of the Chubby Blythe Dolls are sold Nude, and that includes, barefoot.

My husband Deron loves to tinker with his 3D Printers and for me he developed a Model (pattern in 3D Printing talk) for Blythe Shoes in all sizes, including for the Chubbies. While we do not give nor sell the Model, we do sell the Shoes in our On Line Store.

more photos to come very soon.

Doll Stands for Chubby Blythes

Chubby Blythe Mimi Bobeck Doll StandBelieve it or not, the Chubbies on the Mimi Bobeck bodies could stand up without support NEVER allow one to. It would be a long hard fall, and the feet of that body are tiny.

You might be able to use a metal Doll Stand for the Chubbies. It would take some adjusting and the head could be an issue of the size of stand you might use. I would recommend taking your doll with you to try stands if you can at all.

Deron 3D Prints a Chubby Blythe Doll Stand, while we do not share the Model (= Pattern) that he created, we do sell the Chubby Stands in our On Line Shop. You can choose a color there or for a little extra, buy one the color you would like to have and have your doll's name added on the front.

Custom Chubby Blythe Dolls

I, personally, only do 'light face ups' on Blythe Dolls. But I have found, I love doing them, and doing the face ups on the Chubbies just make them so "Show Off Cute".

much more to come, including photos

Much more to come, I love my Chubby Blythe Dolls and plan to show them off often. Wink

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:40:16 -0500

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