Chubby Blythe

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Chubby Blythe

Oh Gosh! The Chubby Blythes are ADORABLE! I will admit the first few times I saw them, I did not like them. However, once I saw some of my friends on Youtube sewing for them and the cute little Chubby Girl Outfits <chuckles> I was intrigued.

I bought my first on ebay. Not only was she Hard To Find, she was Expensive! Deron, my husband, did some digging for me to find one. He found that the Chubby Blythe was just a body switch to a Mimi Bebeck doll. I was not so sure. So we bought another ICY head and a Mimi body. Sure enough. She is the same as the one I bought as a "Chubby Blythe". Honestly, I do not care it is a body switch (something I am not keen on) because the Chubby Blythes are as WHIMSICAL as any other big headed Blythe, I love them!

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:40:16 -0500

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