Blythe Gathered Skirt How To Neo Middie These types of ideas and information for EASY Sewing Ideas, Tips will be featured on this page. The plan is for this page to change often as we add more.

So many people have told me that they would love to sew for their Blythes, but do not know how to sew. (Or any types of dolls really) I have set this page together to help anyone that would like to learn to sew for their Blythes but do not know where to start. Here are some EASY Ideas, as well as Helpful Information.

Many times a person can find an item that just needs a bit of tweaking to fit and look cute on a Blythe Doll, such as an "Ugly Sweater" ornament, or a "Bottle Cover" for a Wine Bottle. It might be How To Make a Hat Band for a Straw Hat you purchase for your Blythe Doll. We hope to have some ideas for those items here on this site too.

The contents of this page for EASY BEGINNER SEWING TIPS AND IDEAS is still under construction. Please check back later AND OFTEN AS WE ADD A LOT AS WE GO. Wink

It takes a lot of time to build a website. I hope you will check back often.


Everyone has to start somewhere with learning to sew. (there may even be some tips and tricks for those of you that have sewn for years on this page too).

I am going to be adding easy to do items in a video for you to see JUST how easy these things are to do. The idea is to encourage you to learn to sew for your own dolls. It is fun and rewarding.

Always remember, when you finish your first few items, do not be disappointed if they did not turn out perfect. HONESTLY! Your doll will not care. AND! Your 'pocketbook' will appreciate the money your save while you have fun at your new hobby.

I have MANY Beginner Crafter Ideas and Tutorials on my Youtube Channel, Dolls Rescued. Look back at the Barbie Videos too, many of these items will fit your Neo Blythe Dolls.

Gathered Skirt for ANY type of Standard/Neo Blythe Doll

Esther Gathered Skirt Measurements for a Standard Neo Sized Blythe Doll of all makes/manufacturers.

These cute little Skirts are fun to make and quite easy, in any size. These a pretty quick even when sewn by hand.

For a Neo Sized Blythe Doll you will need a small print fabric cut in a rectangle approx. 6.5" to 7" x 5". The 5" angle will be your hem and waist lines (how your fabric should lay).

You will also need a 4 1/2" piece of elastic for the waist. (NEVER measure the doll's waist for elastic, always measure the hips).

Sew your hem in the bottom of the skirt.

Sew a channel (this is like a hem line, but wider so that the elastic can be run through it and sewn down).

With a Safety Pin in EACH end of your elastic, run the elastic though your Channel (waist line). Do Not Remove the Pins.

Pull each end of the elastic out about 1/2". Hold on to the Pins as you sew down the elastic, doubling or tripling your seam at that point.

Let go of the Pins and sew all the way down to the Hem, add your knot (back and forth on the machine, a good knot if by hand.

Finish your edges using a zig zag stitch on your Machine.

Cut the ends of the threads and the elastic.

Try it on your doll.

Middie Blythe Sized Gathered Skirt

All instructions are the same as for the Neo Blythe, but the Measurements for cutting your Fabric and Elastic are:

3.5" long
2.5" wide (this is the side for your hem and channel
3" of NARROW elastic for the waist

(photos coming very soon)

How To Sew On A Snap

Most of these crafts are easier than you might think. If you watch this Video, it will be easier and less frustrating for you to sew on those snaps.

Tutorial Video coming very soon.

How To Sew On A Button

How To Sew On Velcro

The 'Fold Over' Blythe Doll Shirt

You see this Pattern used everywhere. It has no top sleeve seams, and is not hard to make if you just go slow and easy. I will be adding a Tutorial and a Pattern here soon.

This Pattern can be made into a Shirt or you can add a very simple skirt and make it into a Dress.

This Dress or Shirt could also be used for a Barbie Doll. With a little tweaking, it could also be used for a Curvy Barbie Doll.

Hand Stitched Leggins and Making Your Pattern

Middie Blythe Santa with Gold LegginsThese are super easy and do not take long to make.
You can use either stretch knit fabrics or an old pair of Leggins you no longer wear.

I have actually bought NEW Human Leggins on Clearance JUST to make these types of Leggins for my Dolls. Sometimes it is cheaper than buying the fabrics. always buy the BIGGEST size they have for the most fabric.

I lay my doll down on a sheet of paper and draw around it. I always mark center, top and bottom of the pattern when making my own patterns. After you pick up the doll, pick the best side of your drawing. Fold the paper in half at the Center Marks made on the pattern, top and bottom, then cut out your favorite side.

With your fabric laid out, right sides together, pin your pattern down to your fabric and cut the pants out.

Sew each side of the legs. When you get to the crouch, always double stitch (go over your stitches twice, so that when you sit your doll, the pants to not rip out....just like a human.

Turn inside right, you can take a safety pin, open the pants leg and stick the pin through one side, CLOSE THE PIN. Work the pin up the leg and out the waist hole. Pull the pants leg through and repeat on the other side.

Try them on your doll.

more coming soon

How To Make Socks or Stockings From a Human Sock for Blythe Dolls

This is easier than you think. If you can use a Sewing Machine, these are done in no time at all. HOWEVER!, take the time it takes, go slow and easy and these will be so cute, you will want to make more right away!

Choose Solid Color Socks to start. Anklets are better than Footies, longer socks work well too, with enough left over to make something else.

You want THIN Human Socks. Adult size seems to be best, that is, gives you more to work with.

More to come, as well as a Tutorial Video. Websites take time to build

How To Make Stockings out of Tulle For Your Blythe Doll

These are cute and look about like 'Fishnets' when finished. They give the Blythe a Fancy Look when they are worn with a shorter skirt. Wink

DO NOT MAKE THIS YOUR FIRST PROJECT. These are not hard to make, but for the beginner could be vert frustrating. Make a few of the Sock Stockings for your dolls before attempting these Tulle Stockings.

These are 'SEW' cute, and I love the 'old school' sexy stitching up the back.

Take your time making these or you will end up with holes in the stockings. It is also better to make them a little loose, rather than very tight. They Tulle will have a bit of stretch to it when the stockings are finished, HOWEVER!, put them unto your doll slow and easy, VERY Slow and Easy.

You can use any color Tulle you would like to. Try to match the color with the same color elastic. It is not necessary, but will look nicer in the end.

Tutorial Video coming soon.

Mini Blythe Dress

coming soon

Clown, Cone or Call It A, Santa Hat

Easiest way to make one of these, is to find, purchase, a child's Party Hat. You used to be able to buy about 12 for $1, I have no idea the cost now, but worth it if you are going to want to make one or all of these types of hats...they are REALLY cute on a Blythe Doll.

These are easy to make and so whimsical. You take your Party Hat apart and use it for the Pattern to cut your fabrics. Cut off the tab for the paper to fit inside of to make the paper hat.

Cut two hats. It is fun to make them in different fabrics so that you could used the hat on either side, reversible.

Cut a piece of 1/4" elastic to be used under the chin to hold the hat unto the head.

Sew a seam up the back of each hat, making each into a cone. Then, with right sides together, place one inside the other. Place the elastic between (long ways) the two fabrics (so that when turned inside out the elastic will hang down). Sew the elastic in so that it is RIGHT across from where you will leave the 3" open for turning the fabrics outside in. Sew the bottom seam together all BUT about three inches.

Turn the hat around so that one of the side is inside the other, and right sides are showing on each. Hand sew your open seam, including the elastic to complete the half circle for under the chin.

I have photos and more coming soon.

Same Hat, Another EASY Way To Make It, In ANY Size

Her is another really easy way to make these Hats. Simply lay your doll down on the corner of Fleece Fabric, and wrap the fabric around the head til you decide how long you want the 'cone' end and how snug or loose you want the 'brim' end. Cute the fabric on a 'swoop', add trim (to the front side, if you like, then turn inside out, right sides together, and add your seam up the back of the Hat. Turn right side out and set on your Doll's head.

much more coming soon, this is a very new website and websites take a long time to design and set up.

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
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