Ashton Drake Blythe

Ashton Drake Blythe Box BackI love Ashton Drake Dolls, Blythes and others. Ashton Drake made their Blythe Dolls just as Kenner had.

I have a few Ashton Drake Blythe Dolls. One, MINT Condition, In Box with the Mailer Box. I have others in Like New Condition with their Boxes.

I have another, Red Headed, Love N Lace, that I customized: ONLY BECAUSE, I bought the second one in parts, with the face already sanded. As well as some other Ashton Drake Blythe Dolls I have also found for sale on ebay.

This page on this website is just getting started, I plan to make updates soon and often. I do hope you will check back.

ADG Blythe Purple Pinafore

Many people are Surprised that Ashton Drake Doll Makers made a Blythe Doll.
They actually made her to the Kenner Specifications, let me clarify, they made the dolls EXACTLY as the Kenner Blythes were made in 1972. The Ashton Drake Blythes are Registered Trade Mark Blythe Dolls.

Ashton Drake made the Blythe Dolls from 2004 - 2008 (or 2007, depending on what website you read) . They made and sold on their Blythe Dolls each of the Original Kenner Dresses for Blythes.

This is a video of me opening my first Ashton Drake Blythe Doll. I LOVE HER! She and her boxes have a Special Place in my Doll Nook on a shelf.

ashton drake in parts ashton drake parts 2 While I already had this doll, MINT, I found this great buy and.... This is the Blythe I bought, won in bidding, on ebay. She comes with much more, I am just showing that all the parts, seem to be with her.

I must say, about everything that could go wrong with Face Ups, did go wrong with this doll. But in the end. I am please with how she turned out. I will be adding more photos of her.

This is the video of the unboxing of the Ashton Drake Blythe above.

Ashton Drak Gallery Blythe Doll 2023-01-06

I bought this girl, as you see in this photo, from a Seller on ebay. I was not going to raise my bid, but I was so glad I did, I got this girl for a Song. Wink

I will be adding information and photos of my own Ashton Blake Blythe Dolls here, as soon as I can.

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team

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