Sewing For Blythe Dolls - FREE PATTERS

The contents of this page for Sewing For Blythe Dolls - FREE PATTERS is still under construction. Please check back later and often. I will be adding photos and FREE Patterns, that I have Created, before too long. I sew for Neo, Middie, Mini, Chubby and Boy Blythe Dolls and I do plan to share patterns for all shapes and sizes.

Photos and Videos are coming soon. My hope is to keep working on this website, now and in the future so that there will be new information often.

ALSO: Check out the EASY BEGINNER SEWING TIPS ND IDEAS page for more ideas and information.

Sewing for Blythe Dolls of ALL Sizes and Shapes

One of my biggest attractions to Dolls, Blythes, is sewing for them. I never thought I would EVER sew for a Barbie Doll, and here I am sewing for Blythe, Middie Blythes and Mini Blythes. My favorites to sew and crochet for. NEVER SAY NEVER.

I really enjoy making my own Clothing Patterns for Blythe, or taking other small doll clothing Patterns and tweaking them to fit Blythes. Barbie Patterns work really well for this. You can often find Barbie Patterns in Fabric Stores on sale.

Sewing for Blythes takes very little fabrics. But you do want fabrics with TINY print. However, because of the size of Blythe's heads, you can use a bigger fabric print for her than a Barbie Doll.

So many Blythe Owners tell me that they would like to sew for their Blythe Dolls. I tell them to do it, to try it. I think it's the getting started. It is getting over the "top of the line' look when it is finished. When you first start, HAVE FUN! Make something you can be proud of, that is do your best, have fun with it, and DO NOT BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF! No. When you are first starting you are not going to be making a top notch outfit, but what does it matter? Not only will you get better with each item, not only will you have fun doing it, your doll is a Blythe! They look cute in anything! One thing I have never heard, is a Blythe Doll complain about an outfit their owner created for them.

Grab some small print fabric, a needle and some thread. Go online and find a old over Dress or top (Fold Over = has no shoulder seam) and get started. You might just surprise yourself how well it turns out. Ever hear, "When there is a will there is a way."? That is true with sewing for your Blythe Doll too. Try it, you might find you LOVE IT! And. You might save some money sewing your own Blythe outfits too. Wink

Free Patterns For Blythe Dolls

I have made MANY of my own Patterns for Blythe Doll Clothing and will be sharing some of those here soon. Building a website takes a lot of time.

Neo (Full Sized) Blythe Patterns

websites take a lot of work to set up, please be patient and visit us often for updates and ideas

Middie Blythe Clothing Patterns

I have been making my own Middie Blythe Clothing Patterns since I first bought my Middies. I will have to wait for Deron to make these Patterns Digital for me, before sharing them with you.

I will be sharing Middie Blythe Clothes Patterns here that I have made myself and have worked out well for my own Middie Blythes.

Mini - Petite Blythe Doll Free Patterns

I love sewing for and creating my own clothing patterns for the Mini Blythes. This scale is not easy to work with, but, I have come up with some pretty easy ideas and patterns. Coming soon.

Chubby Blythe Doll Clothing Patterns

When I say, Chubby Blythes, I am talking about a Mimi Bobeck Doll Body with a Blythe Doll head. Someone, somewhere came up with this ADORABLE idea and I LOVE it! I have several Chubbies and have made/am making clothing patterns for them. I will be sharing some here.

Chubby Doll Gathered Skirt

Chubby Blythe Doll Skirt How To This is a cute Skirt on the Chubby Blythe Doll and pretty easy to make. This is a DIY, How To, if you are new to sewing, go slow and easy and your Chubby's new Skirt will be finished well and will stay in place on her body.

Chubby Blythe Crouch Strap on SkirtCut a piece of fabric 4.5" x 9 1/2" and two pieces of elastic 8" and 5.1/2". One for the waist (the longer piece) and the other for the loop to go between her legs to hold the Skirt in place.

Sew the Hem into the bottom of the fabric, then start your channel in the waist of the Skirt. Sew about 1/2" then slip one end of the shorter piece of elasic into the channel sewing it down with a forward, back, forward, stitching. Sew to the center of the Skirt, placing the other end of the fabric into the channel. You will now have a loop. Finish the channel.

Chubby Blythe Skirt How To DIYRun your waist piece of elastic into the channel, with a safety pin on each end.
Pull the elastic out about 1/2" on each side and sew up the back of the Skirt, starting at the top, that is over the Elastic and forward, back forward, your stitching over the elastic and then at the hem.

Snip your hanging thread, and cut off the extra elastic. Turn your Skirt around. Zig Zag over the edges, using the forward, back forward at top and bottom.

Turn Skirt outside right and straighten the elastic all around the waist band. Tug at your back seam to straighten it out and try on your Chubby Blythe with the elastic between her legs to hold it from riding up to the top of her Belly.

Boy Blythe Clothing Patterns

Boy Blythe Dolls have approx the same size bodies as the Neo Blythes, however, they have a flatter chest and their bodies do not taper at the waist as the Neos expected. So some of the Neo Clothing will fit the boys, but, the tops can bee not only too feminine for the boys, but fit oddly. Jeans can be shared between the two, and other clothing. But from time to time you are going to want some Boy Clothes for your Boy Blythe. I will share some ideas here.

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