Virtual Blythe Retreat(s)

The contents of this page for Virtual Blythe Retreat(s) is still under construction. Please check back later and often.

The Virtual Blythe Retreats are Hosted by Terry of the Youtube Channel, Tappingflamingo aka Bohemian Hippie and Tammy of the Youtube Channel, Peace Craft Dolls with Tammy Powley.

These are an ON LINE BLYTHE Event with Classes, Games, Prizes, and Lots of Dolly Talk, as well as Live Zooms. I was lucky enough to be attend the first, and
it was fantastic.

Not only will be/try have information about past Virtual Blythe Retreats (=VBR) we will add information on Upcoming VBRs.


The VBR has been announced for 2023, no dates or themes as of yet. But plan for this event in June 2023.


VBR 2022The 2022 VBR was SO much fun, everyone I talked to that enjoyed the week end FULL of Blythe Events, CAN NOT WAIT, for the 2023 Announcement, hoping for the next Virtual Blythe Retreat.

Tammy and Terry went all out on this event. They really thought of everything and made this such a FUN event. They even had a List of Events so that anyone signed up knew ahead of time could plan to enjoy the event.

The Event was Inexpensive and Fun. Well worth the money and putting time on hold to be at our Computers to enjoy each event as they came up....BUT!, Tammy and Terry also had the events set up so that if people could not 'attend' at the time the event was first posted, they could still be able to enjoy and join in.


Tammy and Terry with Blythe Dolls The $20 Goody Bag was worth so much more than they asked for it. Inside of it was not only information, codes and such for the event, but Terry had included items, that is, counted Beads and Findings for each packet, to make two of the Crafts she was Hosting. There was also a HAND CRAFTED Dress for a Neo Blythe Doll that would fit any Standard Sized Blythe from a Kenner down.

The Event was hosted on facebook and all of the Zooms were well posted and so much fun that they were over fast!

Tammy Created a Blythe Doll Wrap Skirt (JUST AORABLE!) and sent the Easy to Make Patterns to each of us. It was really fun to see people post their Skirts in the photos to show one another how cute the Pattern made up.

Terry Created (she was the first I have ever seen make these) Blythe Pull String Beads that clip onto the Pull String so that you can change them out (like you might do earrings) to match your doll's outfits, or Seasons. She also had an Earring Class, that is, Beaded Earrings made for the Blythe Dolls, THAT BTW, matched the Pull Strings.

more on this and if they do Host a VBR in 2023, I will post it here too.

For more information on the 2022 VBR, Tammy, that is Peace Craft Dolls with Tammy Powley, and Terry, Tappingflamingo aka The Bohemian Hippie, BOTH have Videos on their YouTube Channels you can go back into their Videos and look up.

As I said, I will be adding more information on the 2022 VBR, but I wanted to add, one of the BEST things about the VBR is that I got to visit all week end with other Blythe Owners and Lovers. I got to know some new people and got to know some others better.

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Sun, 18 Sep 2022 20:10:54 -0500

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