Don't Be A Blythe Snob!

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Don't Be A Blythe Snob!

DON'T BE A BLYTHE SNOB! Not only is not only, "Unbecoming", please come to the realization....IT IS A DOLL! I promise you, if you put your doll in a skillet, and I put my Ali Blythe in a matching skillet, and we turned on the heat from a stove.....THEY WILL BOTH MELT TO A PLASTIC PUDDLE!

I have been Snobbed by Blythe Owners more than once. I was surprised by it. I was VERY surprised by this. The first time was a in a fb group, the second and third time was at BlytheCon 2022. It was out and out, snobbing. Me? I laugh it off walk away and meet other people that are kind and nice. But for some people this can be Crushing. Why would someone do this OVER A DOLL!?!?!?!? Sad. And it speaks Volumes about the Snob, for sure.

One of the people that snobbed me had a booth at the BlytheCon, what she did not realize is that I had enough cash on me to buy her out. I did not 'drop a dime' at her booth for the way she had looked down her nose at me. So when I say, "Her loss." I really mean it.

Snobs also need to realize that if it were not for the Ali Blythes, their hobby would be all but dead. With all the Ali Blythes, Custom and Not, it keeps the hobby alive and well running. If you took away all the people at a BlytheCon, and their money, AWAY from the BlytheCon, and all you would have left is a very small group of people. The money would not be there to support the BlytheCon buildings, insurance, booths, Goody Bags, NONE OF THAT!

It has been proven over and over and over and over that any Organization, Club, Event, Church, whatever Group of People, that if it is Not Growing, it is Dying. People within die, move, change interests, and soon, the small circle of friends stops at all. Leaving the Hobby or whatever dead.

That said. MAKE NO MISTAKE, There are MANY wonderful people that owns, collects and loves Blythe Dolls. THOSE are the people that I look for. THEY are the Good People I call Dolly Friends.

Good Point!~

A good friend of mine brought up a WONDERFUL POINT about Blythe Doll Snobbery.

In reality, if you want to play the Snob Game, ANYTHING NOT A KENNER, is really just a fake or a copy.

They might have been made under the Blythe Doll License, held by Hasbro, the Toy Company who bought out Kenner, but they ARE really a copy of the Original Doll, now aren't they?

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:30:25 -0500

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