Standard or Neo Size Blythe

Dasiy Blythe Doll This is a photo of one of my very Favorite Blythe Dolls, Daisy. She is a Standard or Neo sized Blythe Doll. She stands approx 12" tall with a body smaller than a Barbie Doll and a head the size of an 18" doll.

While the Blythe Dolls stand 12" tall, their bodies are only 7" of that height. They have an 'hour glass', fit, body type, some with bigger breasts than others. This means that they might wear some of Barbie and Rainbow High Dolls Clothing, but most will be too large.

Neo. When you look up the word you will find more than one meaning. For the Blythe Doll, it means, the first, or the beginning. Much like Neonate means a new born baby. I will admit. I have not read this anywhere, and no one has told me this. I just deducted it. But Neo Blythe is used to describe a size of Blythe Dolls. The first size they came out in.

much for to come

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-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:37:40 -050

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