Crochet for Blythe Dolls - FREE PATTERNS

The contents of this page for Crochet for Blythe Dolls - FREE PATTERNS is still under construction. Please check back later and often. I will be adding photos and FREE PATTERNS soon. These will be Patterns that I have created myself. (or from friends of mine who give permission for use).

Crochet for Blythe

Even a Beginner Crocheter can make something for a Blythe Doll. There are many Beginner Crochet Hats Patterns on line for not only Blythe Dolls, but also 18" Dolls, American Girl Dolls, that have the same sized (basically) as a Blythe Doll. Or. Beginner could also make an Afghan for a Blythe Doll.

Making your own items for your own dolls is a LOT of fun. And really, THAT is what is it all about, having fun within your hobby.

This site is not to teach you to Crochet, but I hope the instructions will be easy enough for even a BEGINNER to be able to follow.

I will be adding Crochet Ideas for Blythe Dolls to this page very soon. Most beginners will be able to make for their own dolls.

Scarf For Any Size Blythe Doll

You could make this one of two ways. Start your Chain, and make it as thick or thin as you like. You can chain as few as 4 stitches, or as many as you would like the scarf to be long. Single Crochet in your Chain til the desired size.

Of course for the Blythes a lighter weight (thinner) yarn would be best. For the Middies and Minis you really do need that light weight yarn or even Crochet Thread.

photos to come

Blythe Pixie Winter Hat

These are cute and easy. I will be adding photos and ideas for these hats very soon.

I can usually start and finish one during a 40 minute TV show. But, as always, never get in a hurry and take the time it takes.

instructions and photos coming soon

Middie Blythe Size Pixie Hat

Middie Blythe Crocheted Pixie Hat These are easy and fast to make, can be closed around the doll's face with strands to tie, or buttons to button. Instructions coming soon

Middie Pixie Hat Close Up Side View Close up of the same hat. I used a chained loop and a button on the other side for closure on this cute hat.

Blythe Gnome Hat for Standard Size Blythe Doll or Chubby Blythe

Blythe Gnome Hat Crocheted This hat will also fit an American Girl or other 18" Doll.

G Hook
Medium Weight (common) Yarn
Bell for the end of the size you choose. OR. A Pom Pom premade or made from the same yarn.

Use a TIGHT tension on your yarn so that the hat stays up. Using a lighter yarn would be really cute, but you would have to stuff the hat because it would not hold it's shape.

This hat can be made as long or as short as you decide. Gnome Hats are typically Tall Cone Shaped Hats, usually Crocheted or Knitted.

Chain 5 SC in each of 4 stitches, turn.

SC in ONLY the top single loop of the stitch, forming Ribbing for your Hat Brim.
Continue until the Brim is approx. 11" long.

Slip Stitch end closed. Turn inside right.

Chain 2 and turn so that you will be crocheting in a 1 1/2" S along the top of the Brim, starting the hat. Crochet in each stitch on the Brim for 3 rounds.

Start decreasing three then four then three stitches per 3 rounds, starting to form the cone. Decrease less or more depending on how long you want your cone to be when your Blythe Doll is wearing it.

Blythe Ski Hat for Standard Size Blythe Doll or Chubby Blythe

Make the same hat as the Gnome Hat, but use a loose Triple Crochet Stitch, this will make the hat more 'floppy' to become a Ski Hat.

Using lighter weight yarn will make this hat a bit Fancier, and since you do not need it to stand up, in fact you do not want it too, the lighter weight yarn will work wonderfully.

photos to come

Crocheted Halter Top

I started making these just before the First Annual Dolly Youtubers Meet Up in Aug of 2022. I needed a quick and easy top for some skirt gifts I had made for the people attending and came up with this.

These can be made using medium weight yarn, light weight yarn, Crochet Thread, or 1/4" Ribbon.

For Medium Weight Yarn or 1/4" Ribbon use an F Hook, for finer fibers use a smaller hook.

more information and photos coming soon

Easy Blythe Tube Dress Pattern


F Hook
Medium Weight Yarn (common yarn)
Have your Blythe Doll with in arms reach without clothing on.

You can also use a Smaller Hook and Thinner Yarns to make a more Elegant Dress using this same idea for the Dress making.

Chain about 20, hold up to your Blythe Doll (sideways to check length) and add or subtract to your liking of how the dress will look when finished. Remember when you add the Single Crochet Stitches the Dress will be just a little longer.

Single Crochet in each chain link, Chain 1, Turn and repeat until the Dress is the type of fitting YOU like on your Blythe Doll. Remember, you are measuring the HIPS, not the waist or breasts.

Slip Stitch to finish, tie off, hide hanging yarn ends.

Enjoy on your Blythe Doll.

Middie Blythe Crocheted Dress

Crocheted Middie Blythe Dress Instructions and information coming soon, work in progress.

Crocheted Middie Blythe Dress with Matching Berret This is a whimsical little dress with a lot of room in the back to be worn loose, or brought in to be more form fitting. More information coming soon. I am still working on Patterns.

Middie Blythe Size Berret

Middie Blythe Crocheted BerretF Hook
Light Weight Yarn

Chain 4, SS together, Chain 4.

TC x 7 around the circle, leaving a chain (one loop) between each TC. SS together to form circle.

Chain 4. TC increasing one each, into the open stitches to the end and SS together.

Chain 4 Repeat for 3rd row.

Chain 4 and in each of the open stitches, ONLY put one TC.

Chain 1 Single Crochet in one open stitch, decrease in the next, til end of row. Add 2 more rows of SC in each stitch, do not decrease, do not increase.

Slip Stitch and tie off.

Try one your doll. There are several ways your doll can wear this hat.

Blythe Doll Headband

Photos coming.
This is SO Easy to make and cute one a Blythe (or 18" doll) Doll's head.

G Hook
Medium Weight Yarn

Chain 4 turn and Single Crochet in 3 stitches, turn.

Repeat until the Band is approx 10 3/4" long.

Slip Stitch together and tie off. Try one your Doll.

Middie Blythe Doll Headband

Photos coming very soon.

3.25 mm Hook
Light Weight Yarn

Chain 4, SC in 3, turn.

SC in each, turn and repeat until the band is approx. 7" long.

Slip Stitch together, tie off and try on your Middie Blythe.

You will want to make another.

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:16:17 -0500

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