Petite or Mini Sized Blythe

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Mini Blythes!

These dolls are TINY, with heads the size of Barbie. Yes, a Petite Blythe can wear a Barbie Hat, and some of the Polly Pockets clothing (depending on the size of the Polly).

These dolls stand " tall and their bodies are only " of that height. Their arms, as described by Beth Ramsden, are the size of spaghetti, and she is right! Their arms look bigger from a distance, but up close, skinny.

These dolls are SO Cute, SO Whimsical and really fun to Collect and Craft for.

more to come

Littlest Pet Store Blythe Dolls

Habro Petite or Mini Blythe Dolls

A little tiny Blythe Doll made by Hasbro. I LOVE them and own several. These are the same size as other Licensed Petite Blythes as well as the Mini Blythes from China.

The photo is a few of my own Hasbro Minis. Four out of five have on their original clothing. I made the other little outfit.

more to come

Custom, Yes, Custom Mini Blythes

I LOVE customizing these TINY Blythes and Deron and I came up with a way to add to Pull Strings to shut and open their eyes. Their eyes do not change, like a Neo Sized Blythe, nor do they move around, like a Middie Blythe, but they do open and clothes, sleepy eyes. Deron and I have created a way for pull strings to open while laying down or shut while standing, PLUS! It is just fun to add little beads, perhaps the doll's name, on Pull Strings that the Original Blythe Dolls are known for.

Customizing their small faces is a lot of fun too.

Because I love these Mini Blythe so much, Deron came up with Models (Patterns) for our 3D Printers for them, he is good to me like that. He has made Shoes, Stands, Headbands, Crowns, Tiaras, Toys, so that I can have even more fun with these dolls.

more to come

Clothing for the Minis

Most of the Petites and LPSs come with clothing, but only one outfit. If you buy them used, they might not. The Ali Minis do not come with clothing. Where can you find clothing to fit them? It depends on what you are looking for.

These doll's bodies are TINY. And finding clothing that is form fitting is almost impossible. There are no Patterns available for them that really fit them correctly.

If you sew you could make clothing for your own Petite. You might need to sew by hand depending on what you are making or what types of fabrics you will be using.

much more and photos to come

Petite Blythe Shoes

There feet are TINY and if they do not come to you with shoes, finding some to fit will not be easy.

I was buying Polly Pockets for their give to my Mini Blythe Dolls. Deron surprised me with some tiny Shoes for my own Mini Blythes. They are 'fold over top' Sandals and he prints them for me in MANY colors.

Mini Blythe Doll Stands

Mini LPS Petitie Blythe Doll Stand Red

These Petite and Mini Blythes, and that includes the LPS Dolls need a tiny Doll Stand that is very stable. The dolls heads are bigger than their bodies and their feet and legs are so tiny.

Some Mini Blythes come with a Doll Stand, most do not.

When I started Collecting Dolls Deron, my husband, started creating, do all the Custom Modeling (Model is Pattern) for the Dolls that I have that needed Doll Stands. When he made the tiny Mini Blythe Stands, I was OVER THE MOON!~ These little Doll Stands are cute all on their own. We do offer them for sale in our On Line Shop here on this website.

Props and Crafts for Petite Blythe Dolls

These itty bitty, tiny, dolls are so fun to set up in such cute ways. One of my favorites is Winter Scenes with Sleds and Sleighs.

With their bodies TINYS but their heads the size of Barbie Dolls, you can find more items within their scale, because, like all Blythes, the scale is faded with the bodies and heads two different sizes.

Most items used in "Doll House Scale", that is 1/12, will work PERFECT for your Mini Blythes. However, so will some Barbie sized items (including, but not limited to, hats)

more to come, photos and videos to come

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