The contents of this page for BlytheCon is still under construction. Please check back later and often. I plan to add more to this page, such as photos, but it is a BRAND NEW SITE and it takes time.


What is a BlytheCon? It is a Convention, Party really, for Blythe Owners and Lovers! There are Events, Contests, Classes, Booths to buy Blythe Stuff (like clothing, shoes, toys, props, T-shirts about Blythe, you name it) and wonderful people mingling around talking about Blythe Dolls and Blythe Stuff!

If you get the Chance, DANCE! That is, GO TO ANY BLYTHECON and all the BlytheCons you can. They are not just fun, not just a great place to shop for your Blythe Dolls, not just a place to show off your Blythe Doll and Join In on Contests. BlytheCon is not just a place to see all SORTS or Blythe Dolls or even just a place to WIN a Blythe Doll. BlytheCon is a WONDERFUL PLACE TO MEET OTHER PEOPLE THAT ENJOY THE BLYTHE HABIT AS YOU DO. BlytheCon is a place to talk about Blythe Dolls all day long and to make friends with people who enjoy the Blythes as much as you do!

THAT SAID, NOT ALL BLYTHECONS ARE EQUAL TO ONE ANOTHER. The folks at the 2022 BlytheCon, the people that put it on and were working it, COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY NICER OR INCLUSIVE!

I have seen the Paperwork for the 2023 and I do NOT Plan to Attend it. I do not like Exclusion. I will not financially support a person or even that would exclude "fakies and recasts....." and THAT is just for starters of their Rules for their Vendors.

I am SO HOPING that Las Vegas in 2024 will be more like the 2022 BlytheCon and include and enjoy one another, Blythe Lovers, company!

-- The Whimsical Blythe Team
Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:22:40 -0500

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