Crafts for Blythe

Thank you for Visiting our Website. The contents of this page for Crafts for Blythe is still under construction and the plan is for it to remain under construction as new ideas are continued to be added. It takes a lot of time to build a Website (when it is not your full time job) so please visit often to see updates.

Blythe Doll Crafts

Even if you do not sew, or do yarn work, you can still create fun items for your Blythe Dolls. I have seen people take Cardboard Boxes and turn them into Blythe Houses, Furniture, Cars and a whole list of other items for their Blythe Dolls and you never would have guessed they started with a Cardboard Box!

You do not need a lot of money to make Blythe Crafts either. First of all, they are small projects and do not require a lot of materials.

Just have Fun!


Blythe Head Bands

There are many ways to create a cute Headband for your Blythe Doll, most do not take too much work or even talent to make. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

These, shown in the video here, are fun and quick and easy. We offer the Headbands that fit all sizes of Blythes in our On Line Store here on this site.

Beading Your Blythe's Pull String

First and foremost, when buying your Beads for this Craft, make SURE the holes that the Beads string through, are large enough for the Blythe Doll Pull String.

You might also might like to add an Charm at the end of your Beads. These are fun to pick out for the personalities we put on our Blythe Dolls.

more to come

Covering a Dollar Store Chair in Mermaid Sequins for Your Blythe to Sit On

Fleece Scarf for Your Blythe (or any) Doll

This Craft could NOT be any easier or fast. You will need a small piece of Polar Fleece 1" x

Stuffed Animals and Dolls for Blythe Dolls to Hold

photos coming soon

These are little cut outs from fabrics that are sewn together and stuffed to make a 'Stuffed Animal' or 'Rag Doll' for a Blythe Doll, and depending on the size of the print on the fabric, depends on what Blythe Size you can use it for.

Don't buy a HUGE bag of stuffing for this craft. A Cotton Ball or two will work to stuff your little toy.

These are made like pillows.

more information, photos and instructions coming

Straw Hats bought at Hobby Stores

photos and more information coming.

You can find all sorts of different Straw Hats in different shapes for sale in Hobby Stores. They are not expensive and you can usually find them in each of the Blythe Doll sizes.

These can be decorated and or painted to become about any type of Hat you would like.

Blythe, Middie, Mini, Neo, Crafts and Hack Ideas

This is a Video of Hacks and Crafts that are EASY, most for the Beginner Crafter, I did a while back for a Youtube Video.

Sometimes beginners are intimidated by large projects, these are easy and fun.

more to come with photos

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